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We have been working with the North Pennines AONB Partnership over the summer to create photographs and video of a wonderful project called Cold Blooded and Spineless.

Cold Blooded and Spineless is an educational and participatory artrs scheme running to generate enthusiasm for all things invertebrates in the Allen Valleys and wider North Pennines, and we have learnt a few things about bugs by being a part of it! Using art as a vehicle to shine a light on, and generate enthusiasm for the wonderful world of invertebrates hidden beneath our feet.

Our brief was to document the project with video and photography to celebrate the project achievements. One of our favourite elements of this brief was going beyond a documentation of the activities and developing the field studio.

The field studio enabled us to set up a macro photo studio on the site of the bug hunt activities. The outcome of this is these amazing invertebrate portraits set against a brilliant white background. take a look at some these below.

The series will be exhibited as part of Bug Fest on the 2nd of September in Allenheads along with the screening of the film we made, the opening of a permanent invertebrate themed sculpture trail by the ceramicist Louise Hick, a dancing precession along the trail, and a gallery opening of work from workshops facilitated by the artist Carol McCourt.

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