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We worked with Northumberland Business Network to produce a little promotional video for their website and social media channels. The brief was simple, to give a flavour of the friendly nature of the monthly meetings they hold. Lisa Mcnally who runs the network wanted the film to be light and friendly but with a business edge, just like the meetings.

The Northumberland Business Network has several benefits to its members beyond straight networking. These include a directory, various events and a mission at the core of the organisation to help your business succeed. This is a lot to get over in a short video.

To get the best results for the client and to really give a flavour of what the network is about we went for some fast paced graphics to carry the key messages in text complemented by a selection of cinemagraphic styles. The client didn’t want any talking heads or testimonials so all of the above elements had to carry the message.

The cinematography needed to be really strong and clearly motivated as this film had no dialogue. Apart from the text holders in the graphics the style of filming and photography would carry the message. We selected two contrasting styles handheld and stabilized slider shots.

Handheld footage really puts the viewer in the scene and we wanted to give the viewer the feeling of being in the meeting, to give a flavour of the meetings are all about, with the slider we were able to show some details with precision but the real motivation for this shot is to do reveals and bring the viewer in the room. The combination of these two styles brings together the

The last step was selecting the right music to carry the whole film. When making videos for social media we need to consider that the viewer might be watching with the sound off! This doesn’t mean that the music is a secondary choice and getting the right track is a real challenge that can make or break a project. The last thing we wanted was some standard corporate video music that we have all heard a million times.

We selected music from Blue Dot Sessions, these guys are specialists in music for video, always acoustic which we felt fit the bill perfectly for this video.

Take a look and if you want a video that does all these things then let’s talk.http://

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