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We were approached by Leeds Art Gallery to consider audience feedback for their flagship Picture lending Library using our commercial photography services.

The Leeds Picture Lending Library offers residents of Yorkshire the opportunity to borrow original artworks from the gallery for up to a year. And these are great works of art as well, including some great work from great artists from Martin Parr to Matisse.

We decided to use the quarterly library exchanging events as our starting point. This is the only time the public can come and exchange their borrowed art works and all of the available artworks are laid out in a huge hall. The event is a bit of a spectacle, antiques roadshow meets a car boot sale with the public politely jostling to find a new Matisse for their mantlepiece.

We decided an innovative way to get audience feedback would be a photo booth where participants could hold up their favourite artwork or a handwritten sign with their thoughts and feelings about the Picture Lending Library. This method offered several great outcomes for the Lending Library and for the participants.

The event ran for two days so we chose two different backdrops, one for each day. Nothing fancy we just went with the Lending Libraries branding colour palette a simple green and pink. This meant that any pictures made could easily drop into the design requirements for marketing further down the line it also meant the attention of the images was on the people and the art works, it also looked great!

We set up a little printing station so each participant could get a little keepsake for their troubles and so we could build a picture wall over the course of the weekend. This commission was really effective at showing the varied demographic that used the picture lending library and demonstrating the sheer buzz that these people had for the scheme.

These images have since been used in promotional programs for the gallery and for two exhibitions celebrating the Leeds museums service.

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