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GRAFT – A skill share weekend

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend an interesting event hosted by Bryony Villiers Stuart of GRAFT.UK. The event was the first GRAFT get together and centered on a skill-swapping weekend for crafters based in the north east. The premise was simple each attendant delivered a full day one-2-one training session of their craft in exchange for a full day one-2-one training session of your choice. In addition to this there was talks in the evening, amazing food three times a day and a great chance to meet crafters and makers from our region.

I thought this model was pretty interesting and when I got the list of choices for courses I was stuck for what to choose from the many available but went along with sewing an apron. This will be a totally new skill for me and as an apron has never been made specifically for a filmmaker (as far as we know), hopefully a novel apron design will arise!

I have not been able to do my workshop yet as my availability was limited on the day but will post the apron I make on here when it is done.

There is something really rewarding and eye opening about going back to basics with someone and navigating their understanding of a thing that has become second nature to you. I really hope my student learnt a lot from me but I am really grateful for re learning some of my own craft from a novice. maybe we should all teach our craft more often to deepen our own understanding of craft as well as passing that understanding on.

In between teaching I managed to snatch a few shots of a couple of the lessons being delivered, check them out here.

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