Welcome to Canny, we make beautiful web videos and create compelling photographs. We are experts in visual stories with our methods deeply rooted in photojournalism.

Whether in film or photography all the stories we tell will move your audience.

We have helped many organizations, NGO’s and charities communicate their narrative from conservationists and scientists to art galleries and artists. Let us tell your story in the most compelling way possible.

Nathan | Photography Experts

Nat Wilkins - founder/shooter/editor

Nat has a background in documentary photography, a masters in conservation science and a bachelors in photography. He is an avid enthusiast for all things story and has a penchant for pulling out the narratives within the businesses and charities he works with.

Carl | Videographer and Photographer

Carl Joyce - Photographer/videographer

Carl has a background in documentary photography, telling the stories that matter across of the north, from England’s biggest food bank to housing issues in County Durham his passion is moving people to action. A skilled camera person and excellent photographer Carl has over five years experience creating visual narratives that work.

Welcome to Canny Productions, we are a ‘digital first’ visual media production company. We believe video and photography are the best format for you to tell your story in an engaging way across the myriad of web-based platforms available to us. We have helped many organizations communicate their narrative including conservationists, scientists, art galleries and artists. Let us tell your story in the most compelling way possible.


Our digital first video production is THE best way to get your message out to you customers


Photography will be your audiences first impression of you and your organisation so ditchthe s tock and create an authentic voice with us


We design and deliver on various community arts, heritage and environmental projects

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